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Welcome to my home! This is Jess, the creator of Something30. I love share my passion for Running, living an active and healthy life. I invite you to to feel inspire to find your beautiful life inside and out.

Currently I live in Berkeley, CA home of CAL Bears (GO UC BERKELEY) along with my life partner and two pups Caleb and Missy. When I was younger I was the kid who could barely finish a mile run without complaining and hating it! Running and Exercise have always been something I did but I could never stick to anything long enough to make it a regular routine or even to enjoy it! Finally, after turning 30 I'd gained some weight and unhappy with career/life and family illness made me realized life is too short to spend it like that. Since then I've tried different things that once I thought I could never do or had no time to try. 

Since late 2014, I became a Beachbody Coach after trying PIYO and falling in love with the fitness programs/Challenge groups and companies philosophy. I always wanted to find ways to be able to help others in finding something they enjoyed and could find right motivation. More information is available in my Facebook page so follow me to learn more every day details. If interested click on "contact me" page to find how to reach me for any questions or click on "Beachbody" to take you to my homepage.

We all are capable of change if we really want it and with a little support and love it can take you places you never thought you could go. Hope my journey inspires you and helps you to reach towards YOUR happiness. 

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