Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 1 Completed: Postpartum Mom on 21Day Fix

I am happy to report my first week on the 21day fix program is completed!! If you aren't sure what the 21day fix program it's a Fitness program that gives you cardio, weight training, pilates and yoga. Basically every day you workout different parts of your body in different workout mode for 30 minutes. This program just doesn't focus on Fitness but also Nutrition. About a month ago I began Running again and now that I am on this program I been using it as my workouts to do when I am not Running on the weekdays. My goal is to minimize the softness on my belly (2 inches off my waist), tone up my arms and get stronger to help me with my Running.

Below is a recap of my experience while following this program. Below is about my experience and have been cleared from my Doctor and also have been doing Pilates to gain basic core strength back due to many physical changes to my core from pregnancy. If you are looking to start make sure you are given the okay from Medical doctor. 

Weight Training
In the past I had an assumption that if I weight trained I will "bulk up". The truth is that If you are trying to loose calories the best thing to do is weight training which helps you to get leaner and less compact but not bulky. Currently working out with a set of light dumbbells (3 pounds each) and heavier set (7.5 pounds each) to interchange between different workouts. I been challenging myself when I feel strong I use heavier dumbbells but at times when I am feeling too weak I switch to light weights or use the modifier which at times doesn't need dumbbells. I am feeling hooked using weights! Never thought I would say that beginning to feel comfortable and having fun challenging myself again. 

NO Planking, No Crunches, NO Traditional Ab work
Since I am still early in my postpartum stage I am doing the best I can not to do any traditional Abdominal work so that means no planking, no crunches and no push ups...basically no Ab work. Trying to avoid Diastisis Recti, abdominal muscles are open causing your belly to appear as an early baby bump. I choose to air on the side of caution so in the 21day fix program avoiding this for now since I am in no rush. Instead of doing the traditional Ab work I am doing some Pilate Ab work that I learned in Pilates. 

My meal prepping wasn't super on point this week 100% of the time. There were two days during the week when it became easier to order out. Not beating myself over it since my win was for the most part I kept a good nutrition. Drinking Shakeology every day has helped me on days when I barely have time for breakfast or lunch due to busy mom life. Another win was because I filled my kitchen with some quick healthy snacks I didn't have to crave for a bunch of sweets. One thing I am trying to get in habit is having with me snacks when I am out doing errands. That's one thing I need to improve that way I am not craving sugars or fast food. 

Working out with Baby
I haven't been able to keep a consistent time when I work out since I am still figuring out. At this point I get ready with my work out clothes first thing in the morning, get baby happy with her food and then I make sure to eat something. I try to put her on the stroller when I know is her nap time. My little one doesn't put herself to sleep so I walk her on the stroller so she can fall asleep. In the last days I been able to bring her into my apartment gym to work out since no one is in there as she is asleep. Days when she is full awake, I set her on her rocking vibrating chair and toys so she is entertained for as many minutes as she allows me. So far this week she's given me enough time to do a workout. 

If you'd like to know how I am doing during the week, tips or some motivation follow me on Instagram or Facebook. Here is a link on the 21 day fix if you'd like to learn more.

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