Wednesday, October 14, 2015

21 Day Fix: Challenge to Loose Baby Weight

I am now 4 months postpartum and happy to report I am jumping into the next phase into my Fitness which meant going up a notch. Last month I began CIZE which was more dance base and now will be doing 21 Day Fix Program by Autumn Calabrese. Since joining Beachbody, all I've heard has been great results for those who began the program making me super excited to see what results I'll get!

On Sunday I began the Fitness program and already has kicked my butt but in a good way. Still a little sore from Sunday but the kind that feels you got a good workout! In the next weeks I'll be sharing some of my progress. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see daily postings!  

Below is some info on the program. If you want to join my Challenge group contact me by clicking on "contact me" by clicking here.


What's 21 Day Fix?
A program created by celebrity trainer, Autumn Calabrese that combines nutrition and fitness together with a simple approach and easy to follow portion control that helps you to loose weight in 21 days!! That's right!! This simple program helps to burn a lot of calories in only 30 minutes each day. 

What kind of workouts do you do?
Works different parts of your body from total body cardio workout with weights, using your body as weights and even yoga! No previous experience is needed. You can modify workouts at any time.

Who is this type of program for?
Beginner or Intermediate. Anyone who is looking to jump start after a break from fitness or looking to tone up for a special event/occasion coming up. 

How is this program going to help my Nutrition?
First of all this Nutrition plan should not be seen as "dieting". Instead is about learning to make healthier choices and adapting it as part of your lifestyle. Its to teach you to adapt a simpler way of eating with the right portions in 21 days. It is not about counting calories or points. Program comes with a 7-color coded containers to teach you to eat just the right combination of foods. So if the food fits into the container, it is ok to have. 

Join my Challenge group every 2nd or 3rd week of each month. You can follow me on Facebook to get more details and view my calendar. To purchase program you can click here to take you to My shop. 

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