Thursday, June 25, 2015

CIZE - Coming JULY 2015!

I am super excited to share with you a new program launching this Summer in July!! 

Last month at The Beachbody Super Saturday Events, was able to trial it out! At the event I was 8 months pregnant and that didn't stop me from getting my sweat on. The dance steps were simple to follow. Minutes into doing the sequence kept forgetting I was actually "working out". Now that's what I call a great workout!

Once Doctor gives me the ok to begin to workout again after baby is born; this will be that program I am planning to try out. I will make an announcement on my social media when my Challenge group becomes opened. For the meantime wanted you to learn more about CIZE so you don't miss out on the opportunities to win something for just trying it out. So read below for more info!
That's Me (in yellow top) doing CIZE. Yup that's my bun in the oven.

What is CIZE?
It's a 4-week Dance Fitness program created by Shaun T. The moves are broken down in sequence step-by-step that towards the end of the workout (30-40 mins long) you should be able to do an entire choreographed routine. You'll have so much fun you'll forget you are "working out"!

Can Anyone Do this Program?
YES!! If you enjoy to Dance or looking for a program to ease back into a workout routine then this program is right for you. When I tried out this program at Super Saturday Beachbody event, I was 8 months pregnant and was able to do it. Always remember to consult with your Doctor when trying a new workout program.
Check Out a Sneak Peek!
You can try this out today, Log on to Beachbody on Demand and have a chance to win $5000 between June 15th to July 14th. Click here for more info. If you aren't ready yet click on short video below for a sneak peek. 
A video posted by Beachbody Cize (@cizeitup) on
When is it Available?
July 20th, 2015. Click here to sign up to get alerts when program is ready to purchase and YOU can have a chance to WIN this program!!
Want to Join My Challenge Group?
Currently don't have summer date set. Follow me on Facebook to get updates. 

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