Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Lately been MIA from my Blog at Something 30. Don't think I've abandoned it, I been slacking on maintaining my Tuesdays and Thursdays schedules. Recently I was asked about my Blog and why I wasn't posting so that was the nice reminder I needed to kick me in the butt! 

By the way last week was "Something30" blog's Birthday!! I can't believe how quick another year has turned with several changes to Blog but many more in my personal life. If you don't know by now I been pregnant and over the weekend began my 3rd trimester. Can't believe how fast time flies! 

I had so many ideas for the blog but as I got more pregnant I realized I couldn't do everything I wanted, my body just couldn't keep up late nights while managing my Full time job and Beachbody Coaching. It was a great reminder to take a step back came around two weeks ago when my lower back experienced terrible aching pain not allowing me to do much except to cry from some of the pain. Don't be worried, I've implemented some changes to my workout routine and daily life which has allowed me to heal and do my best to "take it easy".  Coming from someone who enjoys to stay busy I tell you it was hard but is the best for my health. 

I am gearing up to maintain a recipe series of Healthy Meal Ideas using 21day Fix Nutrition plan as my guide and want to bring it to the Blog! Being pregnant I wanted to try harder eating cleaner but also to enjoy the process of meal prepping! On top of sharing meal ideas wanted to share more on meal prepping/21 day Fix program and Staying healthy while Pregnant. Those are only a few items I will be introducing within the next weeks. So be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my latest quick postings!

Thank you for following me thru my social media and taking the time to read my postings. Is my pleasure to write and share with hopes it can motivate and inspire you. What's awesome is that YOU my reader inspire me to better things so for this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

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