Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Goals - 2015

Every beginning of the year I like to challenge myself by creating a list of things I want to do or work on throughout the year. Last year for 2014 I did create a list and shared it here. Click here if you'd like to see. 

I really feel good about 2015. This year shall be a year of challenging myself in different ways physically meanwhile preparing for the arrival of our 1st born in late June (or when baby decides to arrive) and stepping into new roles as first time parents which means lots of learning! Below are a couple of things looking forward to working towards. 

2015 GOALS

  • Get my 1st PIYO Challenge group started on January 19th!
  • Be able to be a great motivator to help my Challengers achieve their goals. 
  • Starting a FREE Running Challenge group (if I get enough ppl interested) 
  • Starting a consistent schedule for PIYO while pregnant now in 2nd trimester 
  • Training for 12K race in May
  • Finishing Bay to Breakers with Sister and Brazilian cousin!!
  • Take a baby moon (hoping to Hawaii)
  • Be able to introduce some workout tips and running pregnant
  • Maintain Tuesdays and Thursday posting days on Blog
  • Update Blog heading Design
  • Set up our home for baby 
  • Do my prenatal pilates workouts on a schedule
  • Continue to work on self development 
  • Balance out my Beachbody and Blog roles. 
  • Give birth due June 28th!!
  • Drink more water!

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