Thursday, January 8, 2015

Fit Mama - 1st Trimester Update

Last week I finally said goodbye to the 1st trimester. The majority of the time I spend myself sleeping, exhausted, hungry, nauseous, sensitive to smells and hormonal among the few symptoms I experienced. The majority of the time I spend it still not believing I will become a mother! There were mornings I woke up and touched my belly to make sure it wasn't a dream. 

Working out hasn't been as easy as I thought it would be. Been listening to my body a lot and when energy is up putting a workout and when body can't just staying in. Is hard though since I enjoy being moving around! People kept saying is a sign...(sigh). That's hard to tell me but managed through. Now that I am going into 2nd trimester I am gaining some of that back and getting back. (Jumping of joy)!

It's incredible the rapid changes your body undergoes in the short period of time. Besides physical changes there is an emotional one as well. Every week is new to me. At the beginning though very excited it was all very scary to think we'll be responsible of someone else and from the this moment forward I'll truly understand what my mom's journey has been. There were selfish feelings too like how will   I be able to balance out my full time job/blog/Beachbody coaching and our child?! Will I be a good mother? Now I know thinking like this how crazy it was to even think about it! For now deciding to take it one day at a time. Knowing myself I know I can do anything perhaps will need more help or just to pick and choose prioritizing my family first. 

The first time we saw the ultra sound we laughed how baby looked like a bean or like our pup sleeping on her side. At first it was hard to make a connection to what I would see and felt terrible as if I had no motherly instincts. But the last ultra sound at 12 weeks makes it all real to me (helps to show too). As I am adjusting to the fact I'll become a mommy has become a different meaning so far and I am positive when our little runner is born that might change too. For now both of us know we are looking forward to being part of this little runner's life and prepping for the arrival in June. 

Baby at 12 weeks

After a PIYO workout --see the smile!!

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