Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Fearless Woman's Affirmations

This past year I learned about Affirmations and the power they have. Have you ever tried them? 

Recently I was feeling down on myself and just couldn't shake it off. Deep feelings of doubt blocked my creative thinking for a couple of days. Part of me is just going through changes and accepting that change will happen. However, change isn't bad! For me is just change in having to think differently, work differently and adapt to different things. None of it is bad just new. Won't lie some of it scared me and decided enough was enough. I needed to remind myself of what I have to focus and not allow self doubt get in the way of many good things that come with change. Once I began to write down a couple of affirmations I felt strong again reminded me some guidelines to live by this year. 

Have you written some words of affirmation for yourself? IF not try it, you'll feel better.

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