Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Staying On Track Tips

Once you brainstormed your goals and put them in thought, writing and in a visual board now you are ready to schedule the time and actually put in the work! Click here for tips how to make your vision boards and put things in writing.

There are a variety of planners out there. When it comes to my Workout training plans I have to use a traditional planner. When I tried doing it on my electric device it was easier for me to ignore it or snooze it. If that method works for you then do it! If you are like me then this will guide you.

When scheduling time about what you can commit per month. Write then in the day of your workout what type of workout you'll do each day. When planning for the month keep in mind your personal plans too to work around them. Remember the calendar is to keep you on track. When I am done with a workout date I check it off to see what I've accomplished for the day. I am now used to carrying my calendar everywhere in my backpack. I did this to force me to get used to it and it worked for me. Whatever you do keep your planner open in a visible place to see it. 

Accountability - A Buddy
This one is tough! It was for me! Besides making steps 1-3 part of my accountability process that's easy to just tuck away somewhere and forget about it. But having someone else you are maintaining accountability is key. That buddy will not just motivate you, push you but will be your partner who can understand you as well. 

Grab a friend or family member who you know is as motivated as you to achieve your fitness goals. Set up times to workout together. How about if your buddy doesn't live close-by or getting together at same time is difficult due to conflict of schedules then you can use social media/technology for your advantage. Why don't you do a daily check-in thru FaceTime or Text each other after one has done the workout. Motivate and inspire each other. 

When I did PIYO I belonged to a PIYO support group on Facebook that was private only to those who are doing the program. You know what it did for me? Motivated me even more and for fun we challenged ourselves to push harder. 

If you are running for first time or getting back to it try joining a local running group, you can find them on Meetup they are local and majority are free or very minimum charge if any. 

Last but not least if none of those work for you remember doing on your own isn't impossible. At times can be harder but nothing you can't do either. Remember one thing if you are ready for change you must step out of your comfort zone and commit to putting in the work! Workout should be Fun but also tough work otherwise how else you'll see any results from it?! Right? 

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