Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Staying On Track: How to Create A Vision Board

For the longest time I've lacked better planning, scheduling and consistency. I was too stubborn to realize that my lack of planning was hurting me more than it was helping. So over the summer decided to get serious about it as I was prepping for Fall which is the toughest time for me to get into working out with the change in weather and time. After taking the time to do it I was able to plan out my schedule a lot better but best of all create consistency and accountability.

As the new year is fast approaching us it is always the time when we begin to think about New Year resolutions. The most popular ones are to loose some weight or get back into shape. If you are thinking about some goals this can help you.

I wanted to share some of those tips I been applying bringing me success. By the way you can apply these tips not just for fitness goals but almost about anything you trying to achieve. I've split them between two postings because I just had so much to share.

Take Notes
Before starting anything brainstorm what are those goals you want to achieve. Figure out whether these goals are short term or long term. Separate them because short term goals will become things you can accomplish within short span of time and your long term goals will become your "Big picture" plans perhaps in a year. 

Vision Board
This is my favorite step! Base on the goals I set for myself (step 1) I create a visual board that I can see everyday to make me accountable what I want to achieve. In the example below I created my vision board for myself for my Beachbody Coaching as a way to key focus and keep in mind ideas I embody and want to share with my clients to support their fitness goals. I love how it turned out it has the right feel what I wanted. By the way you can try this for anything you want to do from personal/business/blogging..anything.

Here's how to get started...
  • Cork boards (got mines from here)
  • Additional push pins/pins
  • Scissors
  • Magazines
  1. Cut clips of images or quotes and pin them to your board
  2. Place them at a place you will see every day. 
Gather supplies:
Push pins or pins
My completed visual board! 
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