Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye to 2014

I can't believe tomorrow will be 2015 already! Time goes by so quick. My favorite holiday is New Years since is a time to say goodbye to an old you and welcoming a new you, new memories and new goals! I've already begun preparing new goals as well as revisiting ones that weren't accomplished in 2014 to see how I can make them happen in the new year. 

2014 was a great year. Fitness wise I had a lot challenges staying motivated but because of those experiences have ignited a fire in me. The hardest lesson is simple but well taught to not dwell on fail attempts or short comings but is important to dust yourself off and keep pushing until you succeed. Another bigger reminder that things happen when is the right time so don't force it, things will happen when is the time. God always has an eye on you. 

Something 30 blog site has been slowly growing a following thru social media especially thru Twitter and Facebook. Nice to see not just my family and friends are following. (big smile)

Also in January I roll out my first PIYO challenge group as a Beachbody Coach. Maintaining an active life is something important to me to maintain a well balance life and I am happy to finally have an opportunity to help others to motivate them, one-on-one support,  group support, accountability and program that gives results. You can follow me on Facebook to learn more.

Have a safe and fun New Year's Eve !!

Below are 8 of my favorite post of the year for one reason or another. Cheers to 2014 and to the new year 2015!!

1. Week 1: Training for Asics LA Marathon
Even though the Asics LA Marathon was an event I was dying to do I wasn't focused and discipline enough to follow thru. I allowed my lack of motivation and self doubt get in the way of this goal. Looking back I wished I had done it but things happen for a reason. I did learn to not dwell on my failures as well to not afraid to share my struggles with you. This is a race that is still in my bucket list to do. 

2. Travel Post: Camping in The Sierras Part 1
Earlier this year went snow camping for the first time. This was way out of my comfort zone since I am known to be the girl who loves warm weather. In the process had a blast , was extremely cold but would do it again and found that I enjoy snowshoeing. 

3. Marathon race in Boston, Part 2
Traveled to Boston with Eddie (Boyfriend) and his sister and nephew. It was our first family trip together to watch Eddie cross the finish line at the Boston Marathon 2014. I was extremely proud of his success, qualifying for Boston isn't easy and know all the work he put in for 2 years. The trip also introduced me to following Elite American Runners and be part of such an incredible event. I know we'll be returning once more so looking forward. 

4. It's about the Journey
This was the only Full Marathon 26.2 mile race I completed for the year and though at the time wasn't super excited for my performance it taught me a whole lot about how far I can go, every race isn't the same so preparation is key and don't ever doubt yourself. This race ignited the flame for Running times 10! 

5. Kayaking in Tomales Bay, CA
As an early birthday gift to myself I organized a all girl kayaking day trip with these lovely ladies. We all got up early to Tomales Bay and afterwards enjoyed eating seafood next door to the tour site. Had such a blast and formed closer bond to all of them. I know this won't be the last trip we do!!

6. Berkeley Half Marathon 
Even though I didn't get to run the Berkeley Half Marathon in November since I was having morning sickness and extreme fatigue early on my pregnancy I don't want to take away from the hard training I put it a month and a half earlier. Finally stuck to a written training plan and had PIYO to help my flexibility. Took different routes in my hometown in Berkley which prep me for different elevation levels as well had extreme FUN!! 

7. Dream Big
I was over the moon, began to see some of my hard work payoff and new doors begin to open up. Sharing my thoughts about not giving up.

8. Joyful Changes
The last highlight was sharing with my social media that I am pregnant. I found out two weeks prior to the Berkeley Half Marathon race day and was in shocked since earlier had so many fears about not being able to get pregnant. After two years of nothing happening all the sudden it finally did when we both finally committed to knowing this is what we really wanted. I tell you God's timing is all for a reason. 

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