Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dream Big

Last week I've had some awesome news and reminds me how important is the power of staying positive, having faith and been able to visualize your dreams. Theres a quote I read somewhere recently but don't know who said it that goes like, "Dreams are only dreams if you don't do anything about them." That's so TRUE!! 

"Dreams are only dreams if you don't do anything about them."

Though currently my dreams aren't fully realized yet I do believe strongly that I am planting those seeds every day in how much work I put in. Talking about how much work I know lately I haven't been online as much but have been sick and getting thru them. For now I am taking one day at a time and focusing on my health. So please bare with me.

So last week I got great news that wanted to share with you guys. I am now an ambassador for Sweat Pink, an awesome organization that promotes a healthy active life and fearless attitude for women. Just read their mission statement! Don't you LOVE it!? I am looking forward to meeting this big community of Runners and meeting some new people. 

You know how I talk so much for my love for PIYO and Shakeology? Well I believe in the product so much I finally committed to becoming a Beachbody coach!! This company shares so many strong values very close to my heart that I couldn't see myself just been a customer, I had to join in!! One of the reasons for starting this blog was to promote healthy/active life to achieve happiness and from day one, eager to share my journey to be testimony that it is possible to change your life. To be happy doesn't mean you are a size zero, you can achieve it with any body shape and any size but the foundation is that you must have a healthy/active life to be a strong member within your family and community. I am extremely proud to join a team of women who are inspiring at their own right, motivated and extremely fearless! Looking forward to sharing more details with you so stay tune!!

For now those are my great news. I remind you in whatever you do, "Dreams are only dreams if you don't do anything about them." Today I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone to plant one seed and continue to water it because soon you'll begin to see it come to live. And if that dream doesn't become something it isn't wasted because trust me you'll gain a greater understanding how to do better the next time around. So don't give up!!!

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