Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Love story with Running

Three years ago if you would of told me I could complete one half marathon without walking and complete two marathons in San Francisco, I would of said you are being kind! But in the last three years I've accomplished that and more. In the past I've ran here and there but couldn't get past one mile. Even one mile seem like the longest and most tiring.

When the Love Began 
When I started Running it was during a time of my life when my relationship wasn't strong, it was actually one of our weakest point. A that time it was hard to see any good coming out of those challenging times but that's when my love for Running began. As I began to figure things out I came to a realization that one of the things I've done was put off my personal goals. Something had to be done to feel better about myself as well to become stronger mentally and physically.

Running came into my life November of 2010, I told myself if I am going to do this I am going to really learn about it and take not just my fitness serious but also feed my family and myself right. I got a couple of books to learn about nutrition, organic choices, read blogs and found Runners world! Slowly began to adapt healthy choices and fit in running in my schedule.

During a birthday party my sister had planned,  I befriended Joanna (friend/colleague of hers) and struck a conversation about Running. She was one of the few people I opened up about my goals at that time. Her encouraging words and personal stories of her running motivated me that day. So I kept at my dream..

The Challenges and Wins
At first every part of my body would ache. I thought to myself perhaps I am not meant for Running but when that happened I would stop and look towards the sky and pray. There were days when I cried going home. While other days I was mad at myself. Then other times when my body amazed me! Slowly my short miles translated to longer miles and less aches.

When I hit the longer miles Eddie was there for me. Though we ran separately he would meet me at the end to congratulate me. Sometimes when I didn't think I could do another mile he pushed me with encouraging words telling me that I am ready for this. By now 3 months had passed and the Oakland Half Marathon 2012 was soon approaching. He motivated me to sign up with him but I had developed Chin's splint and wasn't sure I could do it. At the Expo he said to me, "You should sign up, You are ready for this, I have no doubt!". Who can ever back up from something like that so I signed up. 

You know, he was right! I made sure to tape my chins and be as ready as I can be. The energy of the many Runners made me feel like one of them. At times I didn't know if I could finish it but I kept at it. Some miles I walked but then pushed myself to do jogging until I picked up momentum. Hearing so many cheers got me thru the finish line. There's something about hearing people say, "YOU can do it!" to get you digging deep to complete it!

Running is like Life
That race was my first ever! It wasn't pretty from the beginning but I couldn't trade it for anything. Running is like life there are days when it sucks and there are others when things are so perfect but regardless of the kind of day it was you keep going with lots of faith that tomorrow shall be a better one. Every day you are growing and from good and bad days you gain wisdom. That's the beauty of this sport every run/every race you learn something new about yourself, challenges you, makes you stronger as a person as well as a Runner and gets you hooked! 

If you are curious what came to our relationship challenges it was one of the toughest time and for a short time we did separate but we came back knowing that we had made a long term commitment to each other. Running has become something that bonded us creating a deeper understanding and compassion towards each other. So you see Running doesn't only change you but also your family. 

If you are in the process of starting to run or trying to pick it up again don't wait too long. Stop over thinking it and let your feet take you. You'll be stronger than you think when you finish it. If you can't see yourself getting thru a half or even a marathon right now you will! The greatest feeling is crossing that line with the feeling that you can do anything! The reality is that you can!! 

Would love to hear your story or if you are someone just beginning and experience challenges or progress! Here at Something30 I want us to support one another and encourage a healthy living. Feel free to comment below, Twitter, Facebook or private email

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