Tuesday, September 30, 2014


This last week has been enriching with valuable knowledge. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram I've talked about taking some classes from Altitude Summit. For those of you who are Bloggers and are not familiar with ALT you have to check them allows you to learn from other Bloggers as well as network. If you aren't a Blogger It will give you an idea of all the work put behind a Blog. 

Last year I had heard about Altitude Summit from a fellow Blogger Eden from The Road to the Good Life after reading some of her experiences with ALT through her Blog convinced  me to check them out. Below are my key takeaways from some of the speakers that stuck out to me from attending 9/27 to 9/28.

Our keynote speaker, Laurie Smithwick from Leap Design motivated and inspired our group to pledge to "Step away from the screen and make something". The majority of us are glued to our iPhones, TV and computers and less and less time is spend making something. Laurie found that the happiest she's been is when she's created something so she pledge to begin a movement. She made me laugh when she was honest about her scattered approach to completing task calling it "having no real linear way of doing things". That's Me!! Her method is to set up a soft alarm to go off every 15 minutes, if she's focused enough than she resumes to the next 15 mins but if not then it helps as a reminder to re-focus on the task. I'll be definitely testing this out during the week not just when I am writing but also at my day job.

Chris Gardner from Curbly and Man Made, had in depth insights how to create documentation that helps Bloggers to organize themselves and to create some kind of structure. "Be ahead instead of after the fact" phrase really stuck to me. 

As a Blogger if you aren't on Pinterest you are missing out on a great channel for traffic. Rachel Faucett from Handmade Charlotte has expanded my knowledge for Pinterest and excited me to "Think like Simon Doonan" to review all my boards as I am looking into store windows. If your content is not matching your brand then some deleting and hiding (time to create secret boards) are needed. Currently the feature called "Rich Pins", a new feature available in Pinterest is making it easier to provide recipes, sell online (if applicable to your business), detailed information and geographic location is available to your Reader thru your pins when using this feature. Currently not many are using this so why not get ahead of the game if it makes it easier for your following, right?

Monique Malcom from Antisparkle helped me to learn how to translate info from Google Analytics into info that can help me learn more about my Readers. So what is Google Analytics? It's a free service available thru Google that helps Bloggers track how much your readers are engaging to your content and measures the amount of traffic you are getting. Yesterday I finally was had a chance to look at my information with new pair of eyes and boy has it opened up my eyes. 

Kelly Beall from Design Crush discussed the topic every newbie Blogger wants to know,  how to Grow your business. The story she shared of her experience was about not being afraid to experiment, embracing the unknown, making meaningful connections with others and learning to evolve. Simple words but yet highly important in all aspects of life as well. 

Susan Brinson from House of Brinson for Photo Styling 101 has become another favorite Blogger of mines for her styling skills, just check out her Blog! If you look at her recipe section on her blog makes you smack your lips. She suggested to analyze other people's work or even visit Art Museums to learn from the best. Susan stressed developing your own style and maintain consistency with your brand is a must!

Now as ALT Summit is behind me I am looking forward to some work to be done. I shouldn't even call it work because honestly it doesn't feel like that. Thanks ALT Summit for ignited a bigger fire inside of me and have the opportunity to meet so many other people who share the same passion, to be creative. 

If you have any questions/comments feel free to share below or reach me thru any of the social media channels. 

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