Tuesday, September 9, 2014

PIYO - My 30 day Challenge

The day my Beachbody Challenge Arrived!!
This month I have incorporated a new workout in my routine called PIYO that I'd found after hearing about it through Fitness Coach Angela Zapien. I had befriended her thru Facebook after hearing great things from a mutual friend. After completing the SF Marathon I reached out to Coach Angela when hearing that PIYO can contribute to making my core stronger and toning me up, I thought why not! I am up for the Challenge! I can give it 30 days to see how it works. Got nothing to loose.

So many thanks for inspiring me and getting me hook to PIYO!!

The First 30 Days Challenge

Committing myself to this challenge was important to me, during my last Marathon run my core wasn't feeling as strong and have been having problems with some old injuries. I been told by a Physical Therapist I must really improve my inner thighs and core to prevent some of it. So this is just about what my body needed. 

To help me stay on track I created a workout schedule on my personal calendar that I could take with me everywhere. I couldn't just add it on my phone it had to be big enough for me not to miss it. Because I really wanted to push myself to the challenge I did 6 days of workout as much as I could with 1 rest day. 

When first trying it I thought, perhaps that's very aggressive schedule but by mid second week the focus was more about I love how I feel afterwards! The days when I had something planned or just needed that morning to sleep I would switch up my workout to be done after returning from work. There were days I even did two different workouts in 1 day!! 

Each workout is designed to focus on different areas of the body. Some days it was 20 min workout while the longest has been 45 minutes. All you need is a yoga mat or flat surface and you are ready to go.

I've tried other videos in the past but I haven't been able to stick to any beyond 2 weeks. Chalene Johnson, the fitness trainer who created PIYO gives you the right balance of challenge and brings encouraging words that make you feel good. I began to wonder who was really this woman and came across her personal blog and now I am a fan of hers. Personally find her inspiring as a business woman but also as a human being. 

Last Friday I reached 30 days and I am not stopping! So far my mind has been less clutter making it easier to get thru the day to day with less stress but also to see my body get tone up using less impact. If right now I am feeling awesome I wonder what 60 days feels like??!! Below pictures are my shots on day 1 and at day 30. Is very small changes that you can see on pictures but you can see waist line toning up. Sorry for pics I am now realizing day 1 shots were too dark. 

Pictures above show on Day 1, below pictures are by day 30. You can see toning up at waist on side view. Also pup decided to make guess appearance on background.

What is PIYO?
A workout combining Yoga and Pilate's movement with a faster pace than standard Yoga. Is a low impact high intensity workout that is modified to use your own body as weights. Every workout is meant to work out areas in your body you didn't know you could work them out! Aside to giving your body a great workout most of the workouts are so much fun! At times it can be challenging (just to begin or get the right posture/balance) but that's what this is all about!! A great workout should be one that challenges you because it means you will see results!! If you aren't super flexible that's OK this video offers modification to make it easy if you aren't there yet. 

The Benefits
If you are a Runner it can improve your performance by working on your core, balance and stretching out your body to tone you and make you stronger. If you don't run but are looking ways to get in shape this program could help you to loose some weight, tone you up and is low impact that shouldn't harm your body. 

Nutrition and Shakeology
I been starting my mornings by drinking Shakeology (a rich nutrient dense formula-click here and here for more info) adding them into smoothies. This shake helps to reduce junk food cravings, increase energy and boost digestion system just to name a few. 

As a runner I already had learned that nutrition is key, so continuing what I am doing wasn't too hard. But since starting in the program I am a bit more conscious of what I consume than before just because I work out hard I want to make sure I am feeding my body right with balance of the food pyramid. Occasionally I am enjoying eating out and having sweets but I am taking advantage that I can either. Will share some ideas of what I eat in future posts.

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