Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Kayaking in Tomales Bay, CA

About six years ago I had created a wish list of things I wanted to do. Though this list was made some years ago I didn't begin crossing them out till turning 3-0. Since then I've pushed myself to try new things even if its once...so far those things I've tried have allowed me to challenge myself to stepping out of my comfort zone and have the best times!

The benefits of living in the SF bay area is you have so many options to have active life surrounded by the beauty of nature. Over the weekend my sisters and some of our friends joined me to an adventure in Tomales Bay, CA to try kayaking for the first time.

We all left our house early in the morning to make it to our 9am Tomales Bay tour at Blue Waters Kayaking located off Highway 1. When we got there we were greeted by the welcoming staff and our tour guide, Kelly. Soon enough after walking us through simple instructions how to maneuver the paddles we all hit the water. 

That morning the sun light reflected against the calm waters. For a minute I lost track of time and wondered if Heaven is this peaceful. The waters were filled with life. The waters have small Sharks, Crabs, Oysters and fish like Salmon and Cod. Pretty amazing to be be so abundant with different specifies right underneath us. 

All the girls kept laughing and enjoying themselves. I used to always think kayaking took a lot more strength and was a little intimidated to be so close the water. They provided us with all the gear necessary to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. The kayaks were much easier to maneuver than I ever thought. Helped to know Kelly, our guide was close by if anything was to happen. 

Girls Just want to have fun

That's me, enjoying myself!

We ended up on a beach side property that used to belong to a local Naturalist with well known musician friends back in the 70s (Sorry can't remember the names.)  He had created some homes on this property in which they would visit him and party all night long. Eventually this property was abandoned and those parties became nonexistent. We all rested and enjoyed some snacks. While others took photos, laughed and explored this area. 

Our two hours quickly were up so we headed back to shore. This time around the waters weren't as calm making it challenging to get back faster. Once everyone reached shore no one complained how tomorrow we would be sore from this trip. We all couldn't stop smiling and finding excitement to eat at the Marshall Store next door. 

Our view for the day

This trip isn't the last time I will be Kayaking. I had such a memorable time we all making plans to return. If you never tried this but wanted to try I challenge you to give it a shot. A way to living a beautiful life is getting out of the comfort of your everyday surroundings to explore the beauty that is all over us. You just won't get a nice workout but also wonderful memories.

If you are making plans to go to the Tomales Bay area try out Blue Waters Kayaking their prices and staff make an experience like this attainable. 

Yummy food at The Marshall Store


  1. It looks like a blast. As a matter of fact I've been discussing kayaking with some friends - It's a definite possibility for us.

  2. Highly recommend it! If you are in the area or planning to be try Blue Waters Kayaking (link on blog) they were super helpful and priced very reasonable. They offer different options.


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