Tuesday, August 5, 2014

It's about the Journey

It has been over a week from the weekend Eddie (boyfriend) and I ran the SF Marathon event for the 3rd year in a row. 

Nights before race day is hard to fall asleep, our body are ready to jump out of bed and into our running shoes. That night was no different. My alarm hadn't gone off at the 4am but I was ready to be up so I began my routine to get ready, eat and stretch. Eddie was running too but he began earlier than me so it required me to be ready to head out with him.

That morning San Francisco weather was cool and as the sun went up, the city woke. So many bright colored shoes were rushing to their starting lines.  Shortly after my wave (start time) began and I was off running the Streets of San Francisco!

For my first 7 miles everything seem fine. I actually was running at the pace I have been training and faster than last year. Time didn't feel like it drag instead I was feeling in the moment. My left leg had been bothering me during the week and after mile 7 it decided to make its presence.
Had seconds to smile for the camera
When reaching the half marathon (13.1 miles) something wasn't the same. I felt exhausted, thirsty, hot and a little bit sick. When there is will power their is strong determination and things weren't changing today. Several times I stopped and just walked to get thru. Last year when reaching the Golden Gate Park It felt that most of my time was spend at the park. This year though reaching the park meant I'd reached half way thru my race I wasn't as nervous. There were so many people running this race and the roads at the park became so narrow filled with tons of Runners. I did get exhausted but I just fought it thru.
Picture provided by SF Marathon

When hitting mile 22, I was super excited to know I was closer to the finish line so the more I pushed myself to finish strong. During the race there were several people cheering on and really thanks to those strangers cheering us on it gave me that extra strength to keep going. By mile 25, I knew I wasn't the only one struggling. Those who were struggling to finished were carrying on conversations with themselves reminding themselves to keep going while others choose to walk to the last mile. I choose to let my feet take me to the finish line.

Extremely overjoy to reach the finish line

This was a hard race for me personally. But it was only my 2nd marathon too so I know I got more in the horizon but I am competitive with myself and couldn't help to get emotional after the run in front of strangers and just cry! My body wasn't feeling well and couldn't figure out what went wrong. Now that days have passed is more clear what I can do better next time, looking forward to trying things out of my comfort zone. (big smile)** 

My time was 5:04, about 20 mins more than last year. My half marathon time was the same as last years. The day after this race I began to plan out races for the Fall. 

This race was an amazing experience even if it didn't turn out like what I planned out but that's okay this 30-something welcomes the challenges!! 
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