Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Back to Blogging

As you can see by my last post it has been over a month ago from my last post on the blog. Base on my blog's traffic activities there are some still visiting my Blog. Thank you for those checking it out!

As mentioned on my last post I felt some discouragement on the direction I was taking my blog. Therefore some editing, re-organizing and scheduling myself better had to happen! While some of the organizing has been done, there are other sections still needed to be updated. The good news is that the updates are minimal.

So what's new?? Running is now a feature subject I am focusing on. This has always been something I've shared but now there's a permanent home on the blog so is easier for you to find on top of this page. I hope that it motivates, encourages and provides tips to help you achieve your goals. Feel free to post your comments, questions or request.  

So what have been I up to?! Aside to working my full time job, in late May I signed up to run the beautiful SF Marathon happening on July 27...(13 days and counting). Have you ever participated in it or thought about it? This course is beautiful not just because I am from the SF Bay are but really if you ever visited San Francisco it can take your breath away. The biggest personal highlight is that a section on the bridge is closed off for Runners! 

In other news, this September my brother and girlfriend will make me an aunt for the 1st time!! The entire family is over joy and counting the months till baby Sophia is born.  I am sure the Mommy-to-be is more excited for baby to come than any of us. When they first announced the great news I couldn't believe it but as time is getting closer only excitement fills my heart.

So there you go...that's what's up with me lately! I am super excited to continue sharing with you. You can follow me thru Bloglovin (click here to learn about it). 

what YOU been up to??!



  1. I'm so glad that you found your recharged voice for your blog. It's a favorite of mine!


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