Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Marathon race in Boston, Part 2

Sorry for very late posting. I been going through heavy thinking regarding my blog. More on this for a later post.

Boston Marathon was such an exciting event to be part of. It has been about a month since my trip but I will never forget it. Eddie and I never thought about the Boston Marathon before 2010 and little did we know we would be here. Words cannot expressed how nervous and ecstatic I felt to watch Eddie finish that race. 

Watching the elite runners was an amazing experience. I've been to several marathons but never seen such elite runners like what Boston Marathon has. Their physique, mental strength and drive is amazing. For a minute I was star struck!

Besides the elites another part I enjoy about marathons are the regular folks like you and me who don't run full time but yet somehow manage to train. One thing about waiting at the finish line is watching the determination so many have. While some have a huge smile making a marathon look effortless others are struggling on the last yards leading to the crossing point. That day I saw several people struggle as their legs gave into the exhaustion. One guy's legs gave in falling three times. Each time he got up, his legs didn't want to listen and he would fall. Runners who were perfectly fine stopped to help him. Eventually a wheelchair and a group of first aid team came to the rescue but the man kept refusing with the hopes his legs would listen to finish the race. Another man fell onto the road on his knees and behind him came two runners lifting him up helping him to get across the finish line. Emotions were high in the air but most of all happiness reign that day. 

Thank you Boston for sweet memories! 

My boyfriend is the one on the gray tank and black shorts in the center of picture.

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