Friday, May 23, 2014

Finding My Voice in Blogging

Memorial Weekend is here! I am going away for the weekend for some fun adventures in LA. Looking forward to change of scenery and not having work on my mind. Sound familiar? I am guessing you can't wait for some time off too!

It has been almost three week since my last blog post. In part it was due to my busy schedule but also because I realized I am in too many places with my subject matter. You can say the strong confidence I had several months ago began to drop.

As I was looking at all the posts I've written I feel that the main purpose why I began this blog had changed. Originally I began to focus on fitness; my love for running, a little about my style/fashion and sharing things about my life at 30. As I read different post and even my about me page I have stray away from my core message finding myself lost and not too motivated.

I am planning to go back to what my original reason to built this blog was all about. So in the next months I will be fine tuning this blog site getting back to what my voice is about. Hope to still see you return.

By the way would love to get suggestions/feedback on the site. Tell me what you would love to see more or what subjects you want to hear in the coming months?

Have an awesome weekend and see you on Tuesday!

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