Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Travel Post: Camping in The Sierras Part 2

Day 3
Early in the morning of Day 3 high winds sounding like a tornado stroked our tent waking the three of us. The rain draft had flown off from the roof of our tent and was stuck to the corner explaining for the thundering special effect we heard. It was super cold and dark so we thought the best idea was to just wait it out. We couldn't stop laughing imagining other places we were other than other this tent that could collapse on our faces any minute. Lucky for us that didn't happen that night.

That morning was the last day for our tent as well as for us at that campground. Because a storm was coming, we had to move to another site. We all packed up and threw out our Coleman tent. Note to self when camping out especially in the snow always bring a NorthFace tent! Below are some pics of how the tent looked.

A view from the inside of hour tent. You see the tree and mountain on the right side?
Our sad looking tent looking like a deflated broken kids jungle gym. Check it out how different it looks from the other ones.
Later that afternoon we found ourselves some miles away from Mono Lake. To be honest I don't even know exactly where we were at. It was an off road site. The mountains looked majestic from far. I couldn't resist to feel very lucky. 

Arriving to our destination while the majority of our group did some rock climbing our gang of three ventured out to do some hiking. Now that I look back I wished I should of tried rock climbing but at the same time not sure how well I would of taken to my fear of heights. 

Regardless of opting out of rock climbing our hike was a great workout. We found out that wild horses roam these lands and though we all wished to see them run by they didn't make it out with exception to the red ants in the area. Regardless of no immediate sitings it was obvious there was tons of wildlife.

Natural rock formations. Inside what looks like a mouth was an eagle's nest.

Later that evening we found a new site to camp out. Because we had tossed out our old tent we had to borrow a new one. Thanks to Jim, he provided us with his own as he was gracious to camp out in his van instead. That night was our last dinner and our combat Chef didn't disappoint making us amazing tacos and Guacamole. Did I mention Margaritas were served too?! Thanks to to the higher amount of Tequila I kept warm that night including a delightful buzz from the alcohol in front our fire pit.

Day 4
I don't know if it was the drinks or me getting more comfortable in my sleeping bag but I had the best sleep in the last days. During the night I kept hearing noises assuming they were drops of rain which ended up being snow instead. A blanket of white snow covered the ground in comparison to the night before as we all packed up.

This trip was an awesome experience and will be one of the highlights of the year. Honestly I thought I would be miserable in the cold but surprised myself that at no moment did I complain about it. Yes, I was cold at times but I wasn't miserable! 

My buddies Jenn and Darcy are great girls who I was able to built a lot more trust and gain a friendship beyond the work place. Though we were cold, hurt or bruised ourselves and experienced some equipment malfunctions I don't think I've ever laughed so much! The amazing background that were the mountains left me speechless with some breath-taking pictures that I will cherish for a long time.

I am grateful for the opportunity. This trip won't be my last camp trip already I am planning to repeat it once more. I have become inspired to "Never Stop Exploring". 
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