Thursday, April 10, 2014

Running with a Plan

Since returning from my camp trip two weeks ago I returned with an awaken motivation to get back to running. 

Though earlier in the year I had some fail attempts to resuming training to participate in the LA Marathon, I couldn't see myself passing on the chance to run in the 2014 SF Marathon coming up on July 27th. However my fail attempts have taught me be patient with myself and find ways to make my workouts fun. 

Last year I ran the marathon course for the first time ever and found it challenging and amazing at the same time. Running SF was majestic!! Last year running thru a clear morning on the Golden Gate Bridge was a highlight and after going thru the Presidio and reaching Golden Gate Park was tiring! So I've learned that I must strengthen my legs and gain more endurance especially while tackling those hills!

Two weeks ago I began my training and even created a monthly workout schedule with goals I want to achieve and taking it with me everywhere to maintain accountability to myself. I will share this later this month as I make more progress.

Below are goals I've set for myself to work on helping me for my Marathon run. 

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