Monday, April 14, 2014

One week before Boston Marathon

This time next week I will be in Boston to see boyfriend run the 2014 Boston MarathonAs I am counting down for the week I am nervous and thrilled for him. Since 2010 we decided to get healthier and do long distance running to challenge ourselves. I am beyond proud of him for how many hours of training he's completed, extremely driven and focused on improving himself (tears of happiness).

Last year unfortunately many people were hurt at the Boston Marathon 2013. When I heard about it last year we were shocked about the news and couldn't believe such tragedy had occurred. The Boston marathon was always a celebration of perseverance and athleticism so for such tragedy that happened shook many including myself. One thing Runners know is moving forward no matter the adversity one might endure so that's why this year's event has even more meaning. 

This year about 5,700 runners were invited back who were unable to complete 2013 run because of the bombings. Among them will be people who helped those injured and new Runners who worked their butts off to qualify such an event. The entire city celebrates the Boston Marathon but this year shall be in a greater celebration and showing the entire world Boston Strong.

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