Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Setbacks, letting go and moving on

Two years ago I began this journey to focus more on getting healthy with the right balance of exercise, healthy mind and eating right. But the beginning of this year I wasn't keeping this in mind. Mentally it was tough to get myself out of this slump. Because of this I decided not to run at the LA Marathon. I felt so disappointed in myself for giving into my negative feelings.

From the beginning I began to struggle with motivation and maintain consistency not just in my training. There were days when my training was awesome and other days were super tough

I was reflecting back after reading my cousin's wive's blog, "A Not-So Fitness Junkie". Besides making me laugh along with her challenges, it helped me to reflect back on myself and to laugh about it. I realized I was too concerned with saying "I did it" instead of putting more effort on making my training fun and enjoying the process whether it was good or bad. 

Like any setback or bump in the road I've encountered I dust myself off and keep on going. This time try a different approach/apply a new mindset. So here we go!

In the last three weeks I've slowly resume my love for running applying below points. One of my goals is STILL to run from Berkeley to the Bay Bridge which is about 13 miles from my house. For the moment I haven't decided if I will run the beautiful SF Marathon. First I want to get back to a schedule that works for my training that I can commit. I hope below helps you as It has been helping me. 

Recipe for Healthy You:

  • Commit to an active routine you enjoy doing
  • Find your intent (example: today I run for a clear mind, today I workout to prove I am stronger than yesterday)
  • Set up a basic schedule that you can commit 
  • Switch up your routine (set up days that are easy workouts and others that challenge you further)
  • Including your pet or children by bringing them along and being active with them whether is walking/jogging or fun at home workout
  • Make some time for meditation/prayer time
  • Drink more water
  • Have a support system whether is a friend/family/significant other
  • Maintain a balance healthy food intake by following the guidelines of the food pyramid. 
  • Don't deprive yourself of things you enjoy, just don't over do it. Give yourself a guilt free day. 
  • Don't give up!If you have a setback is ok, tomorrow will be a better day.
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