Monday, February 17, 2014

Fashion Week for S/S 2014: Minimal Make-up

Last week was Fashion week in New York City, showcasing their fashion lines to which we will begin to see pretty soon. During this time we just don't see what the apparel business will do but also the trends you'll see in make-up. 

Below are only two trends that were my favorite for daytime look that give a clean/healthy/beachy natural glow. Looking forward to trying them for this Spring.

Natural Flushed
Give those cheeks more color to give you a flushed look. Add pink hues to the lips for a complete look.
sources: Nordstrom Blog, Cosmopolitan UK, Carolina Herrera, Vogue France
Natural Glow
Have the right foundation to give you a healthy appearance. Everything should be subtle. Add soft lines to your eyeliner focusing on the top of lid only. Finish look with nude lip color that is one to two shades from your own lip color.  
sources: Vogue France, Cosmopolitan UK

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