Friday, January 3, 2014

Week 1: Training for Asics LA Marathon

street artwork located along Emeryville/Berkeley Marina
Happy Friday!! 

A couple of months ago I signed up to run the Asics LA Marathon happening on March 9. At the time of signing up for this race I felt sure that by November I would slowly get back into running. Longer hours at the office, snacks been easier to reach and the cold weather made it easy for me to make excuses. The biggest problem was my focus wasn't there making me terribly inconsistent.

This pass Sunday was the 1st day returning to my training. Part of me was saying I really have to start today and another part was complaining and extremely moody. Is embarrassing to admit but the biggest challenge was getting out the door! 

As I inhaled and exhaled taking in the fresh air that morning my head wouldn't stop complaining how cold I felt. After completing 2 miles I decided to stop and just allow the emotions go thru. As I sat on a bench I looked out towards the ocean water to take a deep breath to shut down all that noise in my head. Sitting there I noticed these artwork placed along the bottom side of the stairs. The faces reflected all the emotions I had that day (photo shown above). Another one caught my eye and reminded me to keep going, it told me "Lucha Forever" translation is fight forever…only fight is with myself. 

When I got home I was greeted by Eddie with a smile asking me how the run was? As I explained the emotions I had while on the run I confessed that I needed his help this time around to keep me consistent. Eddie has run several Marathons and this upcoming Spring he will be running the Boston Marathon so why not? He asked me if I was ready to have him as my coach..haha!! Before accepting I asked him to be patient with me and he made me promise to give him my commitment to be consistent. 


Morning of the new year we drove up the Berkeley Hills for a run. Since I hadn't been up the hills for some months, my goal was to stretch out my legs. This time around wasn't difficult to get out the door even though it was 45 degrees.

Running in the trails was beautiful, peaceful and encouraging. I didn't run all the hills; I combined my workout with fast pace walking for the first mile and a half. Once I got to a higher altitude in the hills I had a great pace and momentum to run. My legs felt amazing! It was awesome to feel that I wasn't that out of shape as I thought I was. Because this is only the 2nd run I didn't want to over do it so I returned back. 

When going downhill I could feel my steps being too harsh on my right knee. Note to self need to train improving my steps downhill without putting too much pressure on knees. Damn right knee, I have to really watch out with you! Once I completed the run I felt amazing making me look forward to next Sunday's run. 

This week's goal is to finish 20 miles of running by Saturday, drink more water and keeping a positive attitude with less complaining. I will report back time to time to share my journey. 

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