Monday, January 13, 2014

The Other Girl

Last year we adopted Missy our little jet black mix. She is easy to love, goes bananas for food..seriously if you showed her food she might even go home with you! She's cute, confident, SUPER smart, hyper and Stubborn!

In the first 2 months living with us she ate 3 pairs of my suede shoes, ate two of Eddie's wallets including money, makes holes on our PJ's/jeans and any socks she gets her mouth into. She doesn't stop at clothes but she has bitten into my vintage secretary desk corners and the bottom wooden part of our couch! You can say she has energy! I admit I was so used to Caleb's personality I had forgotten what is like to have a pup with so much energy. 

Her kisses, playful energy and companionship has made her a very important part of our little family. I see how Caleb plays a lot more than what he used before she came in the picture, he even eats more than in the past…perhaps because if he didn't she would! 

The bond she has with Eddie is beautiful to see. She listen to him more than with me at times and they'll cuddle up for hours.  Both Caleb and Missy sleep at night with us. While Caleb likes to sleep on the edge of the bed she has made our bed hers and thinks we are sharing the bed with her. Every night she'll run to sleep beside Eddie. Usually the night begins with several minutes of her kissing his face (I like to joke and say their make-out session) and then she moves to go inside the sheets to sleep back to back to him. Is hilarious!

Aside from the make out sessions, eating shoes/wallets and furniture, she is our Missy! Soon enough I will be enlisting her in obedience training to help us learn new things so she doesn't get into trouble. I can't wait to begin.

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