Monday, December 23, 2013

Pinterest Finds: Hot Chocolate Recipes

This weekend I was able to finish the majority of my Christmas shopping with exception to one last gift left. Tomorrow is Christmas eve and days away from the New Year. Are you about done or just beginning? You thinking how to spend the upcoming New Years?

Christmas Eve this year will be spent a little different from other years. Eddie, the pups and I will be visiting my folks across the bay for dinner at home. Afterwards we will be returning home to stay up waiting for the clock to strike midnight to open our gifts. As we wait I am planning to make hot chocolate for us, my favorite drink to have during the holidays. It will be a time of reflecting and staying in the momment during Christmas as my mom's recent reminder to me. 

Below are 3 finds I found on Pinterest for some tasty recipes. By the way 1 of them is with a hit of alcohol. (yum!) 

1. Smirnoff Cinna-Sugar Hot Chocolate (alcohol)
2. Mexican Hot Chocolate
3. Dark Hot Chocolate

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