Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 To Do List

**Updated 1/2/15

***Updated 8/17/2014

Next week is the beginning of the New Year! Can you believe that?!!

As 2014 fast approaches, I began to reflect back of the year it has been. This year 2013 was the year of the snake which meant taking up a new skill or finding a personal objective and making an action towards it. Do you feel you have accomplished something you wanted to do?

This year has been another year of growing into a person that is more confident in my career as well as in my personal life, learning that I am physically and mentally much stronger than I thought I was (achieving a full marathon of 26.2 miles can prove that), learning to confront when challenges arise, taking challenges and opportunities as part of growth to get to a better place.

I typically hate "To-do" lists but I've had this thought in the last month If I write it down it will be more clear of what I need to keep in mind to maintain focus. Recently I realized a list is great way not just to keep focus but also accountable to making it happen. Life can change in a minute so as you create a list is create to make short and long term list (that's if you are a person who must be that detailed).

Below I created a list of to do for 2014. I will try hard to accomplish or begin to work towards then. I can't wait for a great year.

What do you think about "to-do" lists? Like or dislike them?

2014 GOALS
1. Blogging more consistently (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)  - kept to Tuesday and Thursday
2. Meet more Bloggers - had opportunities to network with other Bloggers. Goals is not crossed because this will always be something I always want to do to learn from others and exchange ideas
3. Travel to Japan or Spain (doesn't hurt to shoot for the stars, it might just happen) - Didn't happen but traveled within the US
4. Visit Boston to support Eddie as he runs in the Boston Marathon for 2014
5. Run the LA Marathon - didn't happen (sad face) will move to 2016 to do
6. Increase my portfolio of photographs - got better but will continue to work on
7. Do not rush, give myself time before leaving the house - did better job but admit only did it for 50% of time. Still working on it.
8. Increase my Fashion posts - became a secondary topic for blog. Maintain a "activewear" fashion post instead. Might evolve at a later time.
9. Do not over extend myself - improved on saying no when needed but something I still need to work on
10. Find running female buddies to train - Met other female Runners but not close by. Hope 2015 can meet other ladies locally
11. Go camping 
12. Try Kayaking this summer
13. Find a new way to organize my closet
14. Befriend new people - yes, I did but something I always strive to work on. Always enjoy meeting new people and learning/sharing ideas together
15. Be patient when taking on new things and with others - still working on it


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