Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Taking Time For Yourself

Whenever I get the chance I try to make time for myself to go out to eat on my own. In my younger 20s I used to think how lonely it would be to go out to eat or out for a movie with yourself. Whenever I would see someone on their own I would think how lonely or depressing it looked to be on your own. How wrong was I!!!? 

This Saturday I dressed up in my favorite sun dress and went to Alameda to a new Thai restaurant I found. The food was delicious and what I needed after my morning run. Afterwards I found some awesome little shops that had amazing finds! I was excited and feeling inspired..couldn't wait to share my new experiences! 

One thing about my 30s is that with age comes wisdom (Hallelujah!!). I've learned that in a relationship is great to be able to be in a relationship with someone wonderful and do a lot with them but at some point in your relationship it is important you get back to yourself. Take time for yourself once in a while either hanging out with your girlfriends or going on a date with yourself just to do it for you. Sometimes being a women we get caught up in trying to do so much for others we forget ourselves. If you make time for yourself you will see the benefits of a happier you in your relationship as well as in different aspects in your life. 

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