Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Travel Journal: Musicals in NYC!

Last week I traveled to NYC for my first time! My mom and I had talked about going to NY about two years ago but at the time it didn't happen. When I got the opportunity to plan this trip out I couldn't go without her. Between this week and next week I'll share some highlights of that trip.

While in NY we couldn't resist not going to a Broadway show and just as I've been hearing for years Broadway didn't disappoint! Our Hotel concierge at The Hudson Hotel in NY, recommended us to visit a ticket booth called TKTS at Times Square during the afternoon to find tickets at discounted prices. They sell tickets as low as 50% off for shows showing that evening. These tickets are sold here when they aren't able to sell out at their own ticket booth. On Wednesday night we watched Mama Mia and on Saturday night we saw Chicago. 

Mama Mia had great Abba songs that I love!! Did I mentioned we got amazing seats for a bargain deal?!! Performance was amazing and the songs got you to sway side to side on your seat. I had not seen the movie prior but knew about the plot so I was glad I wasn't spoiled by the movie too much. The cast was corky and very entertaining. At the end of the show the cast came out and did an encore of "Dancing Queen" and "Mami Mia"!! I was thrilled!!

Chicago was my FAVORITE!! I never saw the movie but just like the previous musical we watched I was somewhat familiar with the plot. From the very beginning the curtains opened till the end I was hooked and in love. I was super excited to see Roxie portrayed by a Mexican actress, Bianca Marroquin who brought a perky, sweet but very ambitious side of Roxie. If you ever have a chance to watch this live you should! You won't regret it!! I loved almost all songs but some songs stuck out more than others. Below are links of those songs from the Movie Chicago. (By the way, Catherine Zeta Jones is AMAZING!)

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