Friday, October 4, 2013

Travel Journal: Hello NYC!!

"Concrete jungle where dreams are made, oh, there's nothing you can't do, now you're in New York"                                                    

Two weeks ago I spend the week in NYC! It was my first time and the only person I could think of going was with my mom. We both talked about making this trip but I was always so busy with work I had little time to take time off. Since I was attending a Buddhist celebration in NY and also was transitioning between leaving my old job to a new one timing couldn't of been any more perfect! 

Though we spend only four days and got to explore the City a little bit it wasn't enough. This city is filled with lots of entrainment, amazing spots to eat, take in the Arts and Culture and enjoy the diversity of so many countries coming together to form what NY is all about. 

Amazing how NYC is one of the oldest cities in America which so many other big cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo to name a few tried to use as a foundation how a city should look like. The architecture from older to modern gives the city a sexy appeal. We walked for miles from our Upper Manhattan hotel to as many spots we could. On our third day we finally took the Subway line to the Manhattan Harbor to visit the Statue of Liberty and turned out to be much easier than we thought! 

Every night we stayed up passed our normal SF bay area hours eating late while enjoying the entertainment of Broadway. My highlight was to to do that with my mom. Miss you already NYC, hope it isn't too long when I visit you once more.

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