Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brave Pup

Since moving back to Berkeley I made a hard decision to find a new doggy walker after 5 wonderful years of Randy's services. He taught Caleb to be sociable among other dogs and to come out of his shell. Luckily I came across Kaellyn, our new doggy walker in Berkeley.

During her first walks with Caleb she kept pointing out how Caleb is scared and would say "poor little guy". It would bother me because I knew he was scared of a lot of things but for who he was when I first met, he had blossomed so much. There was one phone conversation I had with her seeking for advice how to train Caleb; she pointed out how I am not pushing him to confront the loud noises. Her telling me this was like someone calling me a bad mother who was making it worse for him.  In this situation she did nothing wrong and really was looking for Caleb's interest. Once I was able to separate my ego from Mr Caleb's interest, I was able to see so many big changes in him that I had missed to see. 

It has been about 2 months since then and I've seen so many HUGE wins for Caleb. He is still nervous of the loud noises like the buses, train and loud car mufflers yelling out in the streets but now he has been able to stay still or listen to me outside without pulling so hard. I allow him to confront these situations. Of Course if it becomes too much for him I wouldn't allow it. I am so happy for Caleb to see him be able to confront these situations. Now that we have Missy he is even more incline to face those situations because he feels he has a pack. In the past I would have to find a quiet park or neighborhood but now I can finally walk him anywhere. You can image, how overjoyed I was when for the first time we were able to do a 5 mile walk in our neighborhood!! At the end of our walk I gave him a huge hug with tasty treats for him to enjoy. 

Mr Caleb amazes me  every day of my life! Even with his fears he can still be strong to confront things that scare him. He teaches me that I too can overcome my fears. When I look back at that very sad looking pup, shaking and not trusting I can't think that was once who he was. 

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