Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Running with Your Other Half

I came into this article from Runner's World about "Can Love and Running Coexist?" and "10 Tips for Working Out With Your Significant Other" and reminded me when my boyfriend and I first began to run... 

When we began to train for our first half marathon I assumed that we would be out there on the trail running side by side like many other couples on the trail. Quickly I learned that wasn't happening for us. He wanted to run faster while I wasn't close to running at his pace. He would push me to run at his pace though it helped me to push myself It wasn't fun or comfortable on my body ( at this point I hadn't run beyond 2 miles)! 

We aren't running side by side but instead we start together and end at different times or start at different times all together. On my days off from running I'll fix him something to eat or just have a towel ready for him when he gets home after a workout and vice versa when is my day to run. For running events either we will both run the races or if the other isn't as interested for the event we'll be driving each other to the event venue. No matter what we support and cheer each other on. Once we understood our differences we've learned to embrace and accept (wasn't easy but we tried). And the biggest learning of all has been learning how to communicate our needs and even our discontent (the more we practice it the easier it gets). I feel like this has made our bond stronger and more respect towards each other.

Are you able to work out as a couple? Or did you experience similar challenges or beginning to? Check out above links (thought it was interesting reading). 

source: running and married article

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