Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hiking in the Berkeley Hills

This holiday weekend I did nothing but relax and catch up with most needed rest. Even our pups slept in with us. Is always great when they allow us (especially Missy) extra hour of sleep.

On Sunday I wasn't feeling like running so instead I opted out to still getting a cardio workout by taking the pups on the "Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail" in Berkeley. This trail is up the hill behind the UC Berkeley campus with amazing views of Berkeley and the Bay. If you are in the area I highly recommend this spot for a quiet 7 mile hike, dog friendly hike, great views and a good workout. Click on link for more info on this trail.

Thankfully the weather was on our side this weekend with cool weather allowing us a 5 mile hike. There's nothing so beautiful to see how dogs are able to live in the moment without any worries in the world just enjoying themselves. Missy kept stopping every time we came across another hiker while Mr Caleb kept close to us. At the end of the trail Mr Caleb and Missy were exhausted and ready to just relax at home and eat.

How did you spend your holiday weekend?

This is my favorite pic of Mr Caleb, he is so happy!
You can't tell from this pic but the Hill was really steep
Berkeley View from the Hills

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