Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doggy + Love = Happiness

There is nothing like the love of your loyal Dog! Since I was a little girl I always loved dogs and growing up I would beg my mom to be able to own a dog. We always lived in apartments that weren't dog friendly so we never had the opportunity to have one.

Years later (more responsible and many Dog Whisper episodes later) I met Mr Caleb (check out my previous post). Mr Caleb has changed my life in many ways! Five years ago I went thru huge life changing experiences, you know the ones that transform you for life. He was there for me...when I cried he cuddled up next to me and would lick my hand and face as to telling me that he loved me. Days where it was difficult to get up and smile he was able to get a smile out of me. When I've gotten cold he has warmed me up. I am not kidding but in this 13lb doggy I've found a great pal that has stood by my side no matter what. 

It is true..dogs spread happiness! The other day when I was going through some of my favorite old Women's Health Magazine found this article how spending time with a dog or a cat can make you happier and healthier. Your brain releases some chemicals that are linked to happiness to reduce your stress levels and even alter your mood. Having a dog even keeps you active because it needs to be taken out for walks and even forces you to start random conversations with other dog owners at parks or elevators (sharing stories of your pets)! 

If you own a doggy You know what I mean. If you're considering to adopt; now you have incentives why YOU should get one. 

Check out this other article on US Today about doggy + love = happiness. 

Quote from www.aplacetolovedogs.com

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