Thursday, June 13, 2013

Week Before Race Day

This Sunday June 16th is fast approaching and race day will be here!!! I am so excited and feeling butterflies in my belly when thinking about race day coming up. On Saturday we took a drive to the SF Marathon course to get familiar for Sunday's run. I can't lie but looking at some of those incline made me nervous for how I will feel but I reminded myself that it will all be worth it.

Yesterday I went for a short run and felt fabulous!! My shin splints aren't bugging me like they used to and my right knee feeling pain free. During the run I asked myself Why do I run? I run because running is one way I am completely connected with myself, live in the moment, enjoy the scenery and appreciate a higher power beyond me for allowing me to be alive.

My mind is feeling focused and my faith feeling strong that I will complete this. It will not be easy tackling SF streets but no matter what i come across my body might be tired and sore but my mind will remain strong because once I get it all done it will be SO MUCH worth it!!

I'll let you know next Monday how it went.

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