Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Race Day!

Sunday morning was beautiful in SF with perfect weather..just cool not too cold and no fog at 5am. As I made my way to my wave to wait for my turn to start I was stretching until my turn was up. Soon 6:22am came up and I crossed that start line.

Picture from Sfgate (click here for article)

Embarcadero was beautiful that morning with the arrays of colorful active gear on the streets. I had Jay-Z and Kanye's "Clique" song from their album on my headphones as I ran on the Golden Gate Bridge with an amazing crystal clear morning view entering 7-8 mile. Some drivers passing by were amazed by the numbers of runners while some honk to support and others snapping pictures on their phones (please don't ever try this).

Pictures from Sfgate (click here for article)

As I entered Golden Gate Park I had a huge smile on my face! When I passed 13.1 miles (half a marathon) I did 2:16:20 time (last year I did 2:30 for half marathon in SF). You can imagine how excited I was!! However, going into 14th mile my energy began to drop so I resorted to my Clif Shots for a boost of energy. After this, the park felt like it never would end. At times I told myself maybe If I walked for a little bit I would be okay, but then I reminded myself that I would only do this if there was no more in me, otherwise I would keep on going. Four miles later I finally made it to the Haight/Ashbury, yummy smells of the local cafes filled my nose. In the Mission District there were so many people cheering on! Thanks to the cheering crowds in the neighborhood I got some recharged energy and began to increase my pace. Right before I reached mile 23; I was out of water that I was carrying. I knew I had to stop at the water station, I worried to do this since I knew physically I would feel exhausted and would be hard to get my momentum back. Once I saw The AT&T Park I reached mile 24 and was almost done. I started to remember why I began running in the first place and choked up. I had to hold my tears back because it became difficult to breath. I dug deep inside me for the last burst of energy to cross that finish like if my life depended on it!! Crossing that finish line was one of the top best moments of my life!! After 5-6 years of setting this challenge for myself I finally did it! I felt extremely proud of myself as well as deep thirst and hunger. 

I wanted to finish with a time of 4:45 minutes which I didn't make it BUT I was close coming in at 4h:49min:40seconds. I was a little bummed out that I didn't come at my time but you know I won't beat myself up for it..it was still AMAZING!!

Here's my official picture as I crossed the finish line
In the fall season I am planning to do half marathons to improve my speed and next year 2014 in March I will be running my 2nd marathon at the Asics Full Marathon in Los Angeles to do the LA/SF Challenge! So continue to follow my running journey.
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