Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our new lady of the house

This Sunday during the Maddie's Adoption Event at the Animal Care & Control Shelter in SF we adopted Missy aka "Lady". After 3 years thinking about this big decision we have finally done it! I just want to thank the Animal Care & Control staff for their patience, passion in what they do and providing us with high quality assistance to secure a right match with Missy and Mr Caleb.

Missy is 2 year old Chihuahua/Dachshund mix dark brown with white coloring. She LOVES food and treats,  squeaky toys, and cuddling. Already I can see that she can be a little stubburn but after talking to her stern she listens. I melt when I see Mr Caleb and Missy play together and how they respect each other space with exception to both enjoying to eat each others food (I guess they like what they don't have in front of them)!

I've had this idea to make Mr Caleb a bow tie for a collar and make them individual pillow rest so when they hang out on the couch they are comfortable in their corners. (I know, I might be going overboard but I am just so excited)! In searching for inspiration I found some cool ideas and inspiration. If you have any suggestions please post, would love to hear your ideas!! I will be posting DIY once I complete the projects so stay tune.

Dog Tie Image
Bow Tie

Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed DIY

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