Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sunday Drive to Bolinas and Bodega Bay

This weekend we celebrated Memorial Weekend, usually we drive to Los Angeles but this time around we decided to stay local. All week I was looking forward to escaping the city for a couple of hours and take in the beauty of nature.

On Sunday Mr Caleb and boyfriend drove to Marin area very early in the day. Our goal was to end up in Bodega Bay but before getting there we wanted to stop by Bolinas, a very small town off Highway 1. The previous year when we took a drive on Highway 1 and the name "Bolinas" had caught our eyes and told each other that we will check it out next time we are in the area. The town was small and modest with lots of families. Is local beach had young surfers while others enjoyed the nice day at the central Restaurant as a family. 

Eventually we reached to Bodega Bay..Mission accomplished!! We stopped by at a nearby Deli shop ordering crab roll and took it to a nearby bench facing the waters to enjoy the meal next to Mr Caleb. It was peaceful just sitting at that bench laughing and talking about our journey while enjoying a tasty Crab Roll.

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