Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day

My hats off to you if you're a mother. You aren't only a mother but you are a super hero! Yes, you are!     You do so much and many times you aren't given enough credit for everything you do.

This Sunday was Mother's Day and I was able to celebrate it with some of the women in my family at The Secret Garden Tea house in SF. This was a cute spot with a shabby chic decor (my favorite style). We all had tasty infused teas along with little appetizers, sandwiches and scones. It was nice to gathered together and catch up.

Important Ladies in my life

I am very lucky to have a great relationship with my mom. Is funny because as a teenager I went through a phase where It was hard to really like my mom. I guess that's goes life goes. My mom scares me with the idea when some day is my turn to have a daughter we'll go through the phase and I've know what it was like! As I got older my relationship with my mom grew very strong and till this day we have a strong bond that I Cherish. When you look at her you think shes my older sister vs my mom. As you can imagine she loves to hear this! She always has supported me even if it meant she wasn't happy with my decision..as she puts it "I am the only one to be accountable for my decisions and whether the outcome is good or bad I will learn from it. At the end I'll be happy because no one else made the decision for me." I love her for being herself and never hiding the fact that she can also make mistakes and isn't perfect.

I love you Mami!

My mom and I

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