Thursday, May 2, 2013

Travel Journal: LA Downtown Public Library

While I was in LA, the BF and I walked by the LA Downtown Public Library and to our surprised it was opened on a Saturday! Whenever we stayed at the Westin we would always see it and wondered what it was but never had a chance to check it out until this weekend.

As I walked in it left me wondering how many people have come in and out from this building since it was first built in 1926. The architectured is gorgeous and the elegance of this building amazed me. Did I tell you it had 8 levels of books!!? I felt so sad that I only had a couple of minutes to spend there. I took the escalators to the lower level and ended staying in the History level. While browsing thru each section we stopped in a section that carried old phone directories from different cities. My BF's family has a long history in Santa Clara,CA area so we looked up some of his family from  the 50s and 60s and we were able to find some of them. I know it sounds kind of stupid to be excited for this but we were! I mean, we were miles away from his hometown and yet we found this old directory in a major city like L.A. Looking at the directories reminded me that once we didn't have Iphones or google to provide us with phone numbers as easily as today...tho directories aren't completely extinct that doesn't mean that they won't be for long either.

This mini short trip to the library reminded me of how much I love our public libraries and the smell of books! When I was younger I would hang out at the library at times just for fun and pick up books from Art, Fashion, Cooking and History (I guess those have always been my favorite topics) and check them out. As soon as I got back home I researched the location of my local library in Berkeley and have vowed to get a library card.

Do you live near any amazing Libraries?
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