Tuesday, May 28, 2013

21-mile milestone

This weekend I woke up early in the morning and began to stretch and get ready for my run. It was a little tough since I woke up with back aches and my bed looked so cozy not to leave it. But I managed to get out and leave Mr Caleb and my boyfriend in bed.

During my run my leg was still stiff and my lower back was sore but mentally I felt strong. I had some good music on my Ipod Shuffle to help me stay focus. When I reached mile 10, I was thinking back to last year when I first began and remembering how hard it used to be just to be so focused as I was today. My mind and body have truly amazed me in this journey. Honestly I haven't been running as many miles I would of wanted to during the week due to work schedule and injuries but regardless I am thankful for the times I have been able to be out there. 

I've found creative ways to keep myself motivated and entertain out there (see my list below). Trust me after running 13 miles you don't want to listen to how your body might feel. Mentally I've been preparing myself to be able to overcome the mental fight and the physical challenge of running up and down the hills. Even if I prepare I know it won't be the same until I am out there. After today I am finally able to see myself get thru that finish line and I am ready to accomplish a goal I set up for myself from some years ago. 

Creative Ways to Keep Motivated:
  • Add different song genres to my Playlist (timed it according to the mileage I reach) 
  • Sing after some of my favorite songs (Not the entire race time but I do sing here and there)
  • Meditate and chant in silence
  • Talk to myself (if I hit that rough spot)

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