Thursday, April 11, 2013

Traveling Solo: Chicago

This week is another crazy week at work. In between the morning and evening commute I had a chance to remember how great it can be to travel somewhere on your own.

Last October I was lucky that an opportunity came out to Travel to Chicago for a week. This was my first time ever in Chicago. My boyfriend had visited Chicago for work two years earlier and had shown me cool pictures he had taken. So when this opportunity came up I couldn't resist to stay the weekend. Luckily the day I got to downtown area the weather was beautiful! The weather still called for a warm coat but it was cool enough to walk. As soon as I dropped my luggage at my hotel I walked about 3 miles to the Art Institute of Chicago. Along the way I stopped at the Millennium Park to check out "The Bean" or "Cloud Gate". It was an awesome sculpture, when you looked at it you can see the reflection of the surrounding high rises, but best of all it was the incredible landscape of the city that reflected on this bean. When I reached the Art Institute of Chicago I rented a set of headphones to listen to the history behind the incredible pieces of art. I am no expert on fine arts but I appreciate it easily spending an entire day exploring an art museum.  I lost myself in the 3 floors they had.

My Reflection on "The Bean"
The Bean "The Cloud Gate"
On my last day, I went to the Field Museum Chicago took me from one room to another from Dinosaurs to the history of different cultures around the world to checking out Mummy's. After ending a tour on the star tour bus around the city I stopped at a steakhouse for a  delicious steak and wine dinner. It was the greatest feeling to have a nice dinner on my own. I thought it was hilarious how the hostess and waiter kept trying to get me to sit with the singles by the bar. I guess he thought I looked too lonely? Not this lady, sir!

I never thought I would have that much fun traveling on my own! To be honest I had never done it because I felt scared to be by myself. But this trip helped me to to stop being afraid and get out of my comfort zone. I am looking forward to begin thinking of somewhere new to go even if its only for a weekend trip. If you never have experienced this try it even if its on a weekend.

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