Thursday, April 18, 2013

Speed 'Em Up

This pass weekend I had a beautiful two days of running. Ever since beginning my training for the SF Marathon I have been pushing myself a little more by increasing my speed during my runs.This weekend I was able to maintain good breathing and not be as exhausted. It might of made a difference that Berkeley had beautiful weather (Yipee..warmer days are almost here)!!

Yesterday I had a great 8-mile run and had in mind the tragedy that happened in Boston on Monday. So many injured and lives taken so early. It saddens me to think there are people in this world that can inflict so much pain to innocent people. So that run was even more special to me and took the time to take in the beauty of the evening and appreciation for having my family.

This weekend I am looking forward to my long runs but best of all to start to find some outfits for the warmer days ahead. I'll be posting this week outfit ideas for the warmer days for different fit preferences. Stay tune!

A little sweaty after my 10 1/2 mile run on Sunday

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