Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I am now a runner

Early this week I finally signed up for my 1st Marathon run for June 16 in SF this year! I am so excited but also nervous. So many thoughts crossed my mind after signing up. Will I REALLY be able to do this? Yeah, you've ran 13.1 miles but you haven't done beyond that! Are you out of your mind!? Will you be able to cross that finish line? I just have to shut those negative thoughts and say YES, I can do it! It also helps that I have my boyfriend to support me and remind me to believe in myself. 

To give you some background on me  I was that girl in High School who finished a mile after an hour of PE class! For over 7 years I've been running but only did it to loose weight but always hated it! Then suddenly in December 2011 running changed for me. I challenged myself to accomplish running a marathon after a desired to do something for myself. It wasn't easy...I would jog and was exhausted after half a mile so I would walk. There were days I made excuses and didn't run at all. Other times when I cried because I thought I am no runner. But after a month and a half it wasn't that bad. Yes, I still had those rough days (I won't lie) but there were more days of me feeling happier.Around the same time I got news that my grandma had a stroke and then a month after my Aunt followed suffering an aneurysm. Those experiences reminded me how quick things can change, so focus on whats important to you like your happiness, family and good health (mind and body). Last year I was able to run 2 half Marathons and finish with an average time of 2 hours and 15 minutes, not bad for a beginner!

Today we are about 2 months and 2 weeks away from the event and tomorrow my 2nd week of training resumes. I'll share how my training progresses but for now just wish me luck!

Me after SF Half Marathon last year in 2012
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